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CCTV Surveillance Cameras and Installation

CCTV or Closed-Circuit Television is also known as a video surveillance, it transmit signal to a specific place, and is kept monitored by a personnel. Unlike an ordinary televisions, CCTV’s are usually used for surveillance and security purposes.

Why is it important?

CCTV Cameras are important because it gives assurance to the owners that they will be monitored and secured 24/7. Especially for house owners and business owners, for home owners they will have a sense of security for their family, love ones and especially their children, for business owners it gives the customers a sense of security and safety knowing that the shop or building is equip with CCTVs. The customers feel secure and this enhances the customers' confidence.

For installation:

Our company gives a hand to those who want to have CCTV Surveillance Cameras in their house or businesses. We offer installation of the CCTV and everything you need to know about surveillance, security and how you can monitor your CCTV will be thought.

Door Lock Access

Door Lock Access is a locking device which operates by means of electric current. Door Locks are sometimes stand-alone with an electronic control assembly mounted directly to the lock. More often Door Locks are connected to an access control system.


Door Lock Access is important because like CCTV Surveillance Camera it also gives the owner a sense of security, and because it is access controlled everything will be limited and controlled. Door Lock Access limits the people who can access or go inside a certain place. And it also allows you to scan and know who will be allowed to go in and out of your place.

Biometrics System

Biometrics System is also used for access control and identification. It is also used for identity authentications, which is mostly used for buildings and establishments who wants to keep track of the in and out of the employees or personnel. It is also used to identify individuals in groups that are under surveillance. And like biometrics you can also use Face ID but in this case thumb mark is not used because from the word itself the person should use his/her face to gain access.


Biometrics System’s advantage is that it can keep track all the information of the person who enter a certain building and to keep everything authenticated and under surveillance because with the use of biometrics the management will know who would be involved when a certain incident happened.

PABX Telephone

PABX or Private Automatic Branch Exchange is a device that a single access number to provide several lines to outside callers while providing a range of external lines to internal callers or staff.

Why is it important?

PABX helps a lot especially in a large organization or company, because it automatically provides lines for the internal callers and at the same time everything will be private and controlled, so there’s no need to worry if you will not be able to pick up one call because if you have PABX installed phone calls will not be missed calls.

Burglar Alarm

Burglar Alarm is a system designed to detect intruders and unauthorized entries into a building or area. To make it simple Burglar Alarm prevents burglars from intruding your place and it’s like having a guard in your area or building without actually paying a person to guard your area or building.

Why is it important?

Burglar Alarm is important because it prevents unexpected things to happen because now a days you can’t expect burglars to be low in technology but with a burglar alarm, you can have the confidence that you are protected from them.

Business Equipment and Accessories

Our Company offers many kind of Business Equipment and Accessories especially when it comes to security, we want our customers to be satisfied with what they have. We offer Accessories that will be helpful for you, accessories that are used in installation of your CCTV Surveillance Cameras, from nuts to Wires and cables. For Business Equipment, we have CCTV, Door Lock Access, PABX, Intercom and many more equipment to help you in your business security.

Computer Equipment and Supplies

We don’t just offer business equipment and accessories but also computer equipment and supplies because we don’t want you to be left behind after we have installed your business equipment instead we want you to be fully satisfied in our every transaction, so we have the computer equipment and supply you needed from RJ45, to Hard Disk and up to LED Monitors.